You may want sell your house for many reasons: you need to move for work, you want a larger home or a bigger yard or a pool, you want to downsize, or you have another life change that requires a sale. Whatever the reason, selling will go smoothly if you follow these steps.

A couple of months before you plan to sell let us come by for a free market analysis. We can help you determine a sale price, any repairs needed and what you can do to improve your chances for a quick sale.

Yes, it is a contest. Remember, selling your home is a competitive event—there are other houses for sale and you want to look your best and sell for the highest price possible.

Declutter all spaces: Put away family photos, sports trophies, collectible items, knick-knacks, and souvenirs, even extra clothes that make closets look crowded. You want to give the impression that there is plenty of space and it is easy to keep order in this house. Rent a storage unit or box items and place boxes in the garage.

Clean, clean, clean. Clean the carpets or steam clean your tile floors. If the carpet is worn or outdated in the main rooms, you might replace it with something neutral. Walk around and replace any burnt out bulbs. This will make the house brighter instantly! Pet odors are noticeable to most people. Use air freshener or open the windows to air out your home regularly. Be sure to clean litter boxes and wash pet bedding.

Easy fix ups.  Trim the bushes, add fresh mulch and a few colorful flowers to flower beds. Repaint the front door or house numbers. Replace the mailbox if it is rusty or leaning. Check ceilings for water stains. Make repairs and then paint before you go on the market. Check windows and doors to make sure they open and close. Replace any cracked or broken windowpanes. Replace broken window blinds or dingy curtains. Caulk around windows. Look for wood rot outside especially near windows and doors, and repair it.

Special touches that make your home appealing. If you will have an Open House or you know there is a showing, add a vase of fresh flowers, put the radio on a soft jazz station, and bake a pie or light a vanilla candle so the kitchen smells inviting. Add a pot of fresh flowers on the patio, or toss a few extra throw pillows on the sofa or the bed. We all enjoy a welcoming environment where it looks like people are happy and comfortable. You want prospective buyers to feel a bit of admiration when they walk through your home.

Home staging and repairs: If you need assistance with home staging, touch up painting, or repairs in order to make your house look its best, the Paradise Team can help. Just contact us for details.